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Alex Henshaw - A Flying Legend, de Luxe Edition


- Standard Edition: Hardback with jacket, 350mm x 297mm, 160 Pages, signed by Michael Turner.

- De Luxe Edition: Leatherbound, slipcased, 250 copies, 350mm x 297mm, 160 Pages, signed by Michael Turner.

Alex Henshaw’s reputation as an outstanding pilot and record breaker has established his place amongst the greats in aviation history. His flying exploits, including the famous 1938 King’s Cup victory and his unbroken record for flying from London to Cape Town and back, together with his wartime role as chief production test pilot for Vickers-Supermarine, contributed to the subject matter for the large number of paintings he commissioned from Michael Turner over a period of 25 years.

It was Alex’s wish that this unique collection of paintings should be published in a book, but his death in 2007 came just before the project was completed. Alex had written an appropriate text to accompany each painting, providing a fascinating first-hand account of his many flying adventures.

With the addition of many photographs from Alex’s personal albums, Michael has now finished compiling the project they started together, and this eagerly anticipated book was published in 2008.


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